And this is the goal of our safe driving courses for companies and groups - to prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents of employees and thus save expenses related to recovery or to the repair of the vehicle fleet. If you care about the health and safety of your employees, prevention by taking a safe driving course is the best possible solution.

Who is the course intended for?

  • for professional drivers
  • for companies that employ active drivers
  • for companies with a fleet of service cars and trucks
  • for organized groups as part of team building /or corporate partners

About the course

As part of the courses, we will teach your employees how to properly react to critical situations on the road. We will reveal the weaknesses of drivers and at the same time we will help to eliminate them.

The goal is to provide and teach how to manage all available critical situations that can be simulated. The drivers improve their skills significantly and get a chance to know their vehicle in extreme situations.

STANDARD COURSES take place in our premises and on a specialized training ground, where mainly following critical situations are being practised:

Critical braking- Braking in the shortest distance possible and on different surfaces

Understeer- Front-wheel skid

Oversteer- Rear-wheel skid with more intensity and obstacles added

Obstacle avoidance
- Avoiding unexpected obstacles

- Dealing with aquaplaning

As part of the DEFENSIVE DRIVING courses, we will travel directly to you, to your company, and the course initially takes place directly at your place and in real traffic as well.

We prepare courses for companies individually /according to client requirements. Thanks to this, we can reflect on the specific needs of drivers to achieve real improvement.

The SLOVAKIA RING area is also a very suitable for events (for your corporate partners , customers or a team building for employees).

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