Diesel and Petrol

Speed and performance, passion and quality: this is the motto of SLOVAKIA RING with OMV - the general partner of the circuit. This cooperation started in 2017 and its successes continue this season. That's why you'll find the OMV premium fuel station in the paddock featuring this products

  • Natural 95 petrol with additives (E10)
  • MaxxMotion 100plus (E10)
  • Diesel with additives (B7)

You can pay by credit card directly at the terminal located at the fuel station or in cash, by card or by invoice in the Race Office room. More information can be found in this room on the ground floor of the control tower.

OMV company pays special attention to the composition of its fuels to achieve the best possible performance. Premium petrol OMV MaxxMotion 100 plus meets the strictest requirements of the automotive industry and leads to optimal combustion efficiency especially in high-tuned engines. The use of premium MaxxMotion Diesel, in turn, results in a shorter delay in fuel ignition, which optimizes the combustion process, resulting in smoother engine operation and higher power output. The excellent winter performance of MaxxMotion Diesel ensures that drivers can rely on their engine even in freezing conditions (CFPP according to EN 590). This is made possible by a special formula based on OMV's experience and skills in fuel production.


A network of charging points for electric cars and plug-in hybrids is gradually being built within the SLOVAKIA RING complex. Currently, a fast charging station is in operation at the RING hotel with two 22 kW chargers from SIEMENS. The operating company is Greenway, to charge your vehicke please download the mobile application GreenWay for Android or iOS and follow the registration.

More information and conditions are available at https://greenway.sk/