The SLOVAKIA RING racing circuit is available not only for professional teams and drivers, but also for general public. The circuit is operating fully during the track days and you can drive it with your own car, or use our rentals. You can purchase your time slot through our e-shop or directly on-site, no pre-registration is necessary - it is needed only for renting the circuit's sports cars.

If you've never driven on our track before, you will have to undergo the Safety Briefing. It is compulsory before entering with your own car or motorbike, or with the circuit's rentals. This briefing is one-time only and starts always one hour before the track sessions.

The track days are for amateurs and general public. Professional racing teams/drivers and specialised vehicles have assigned testing days.

Current track days schedule is available in the CALENDAR section of this web.

Drive your own car 30 min.
40 € with VAT
Safety and track rules briefing
20 € with VAT
Safety helmet rental
10 € with VAT
2 € with VAT
Transponder - evening track days
5 € with VAT
Transponder - all day track days
15 € with VAT
Car season pass
1 000 € with VAT
  • It is compulsory to wear a helmet during all track activities - both the driver and the passengers. We can rent you a helmet for 10 €. A balaclava is also necessary and available for purchase (2 €).
  • Transponder - the timekeeping device. Use it for precise timekeeping of your laps. The results are also available on the SPEED HIVE app.
  • Your car must be in perfect technical condition before entering the track.
  • The car must have a towing device (in case of an accident).
  • Any passenger must be over 18-years-of-age.


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