From time to time we all need to unleash the beast within us and SLOVAKIA RING is the right place to do so. We accentuate maximum safety of the run-off areas and our advanced technical background. Hence our facility is the right place for you and your motorcycle.

Come and sample our 5,922-m long racing tarmac! Anyone can try it during the scheduled track days, which are published in our Calendar.

For your own safety, it is compulsory to attend one of the safety briefings, one hour before the track session begins - whether you attend the track days with your own machine, or rent our sports cars. Our briefing is one-time only and valid for all your future visits! For all-day track days the briefings start at 8:30 and 13:00. During the evening sessions it is always one hour before the green light.

SLOVAKIA RING AGENCY, s.r.o. reserves the right for any changes.


30 min session with your own bike
30 € with VAT
Season pass
900 € with VAT
Transponder - evening sessions
5 € with VAT
Transponder - all-day track day
15 € with VAT
Driving school MOTO 1
150 € with VAT
Driving school MOTO 2
250 € with VAT
Circuit motocycle school - individual training
350 € with VAT

Every motorcycle must hide the headlights with a non-transparent duct tape and must remove the rear-view mirrors.

Every rider must wear flawless bike overalls with protectors and a crash helmet. Don't forget the compulsory equipment of both rider and bike. All the requirements you will find also inside the Operating Terms and Conditions.

You can use an onboard camera mounted only on the bike. It is strictly forbidden to wear a camera on the crash helmet or anywhere on rider's body.

If the circuit is rented by an agency, you can contact the agency directly. Contacts are in the Calendar section.


The course of the circuit motorcycle school is focused on mastering the correct technique of sport driving and improving the driving skills of the driver at higher speeds on the race track. There is an instructor who will explain in theory and later in practice will show each participant the correct technique of sports driving as well as sitting or managing crisis situations. The course also includes safety training for driving on the circuit, including the flag signaling of track marshals, rental of a transponder and 3x20 rides. Within the course, the participant will also become perfectly acquainted with the SLOVAKIA RING circuit, with its variants and the specifics of individual bends and sections.


Are you ready for the ride?


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