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DEFENSIVE DRIVING is a safe (not slow) way of driving, which allows the driver to avoid a critical situation, identify and anticipate risks in normal traffic.

About the Course

The course is intended for drivers who might be considered as a potential danger in normal road traffic and it is focused on driving strategies that ensure that the driver maintains a sufficient level of safety despite the impact of risk factors in traffic itself. The product of the course is a driver who will not become the culprit or the victim of a traffic accident and can maintain his safety even in situations where the risk becomes a reality.

Course duration

Start: upon agreement
Advanced praticipants: 1 hour of theory + 1 hour of driving

Ciel kurzu
Aim of the course

Breaking bad driving habit

Prinos kurzu
Benefit of the course

A significant reduction of risk of an accident and of participation in a critical situation, gaining more confidence when driving a vehicle

Urceny pre

All driver groups

Detailed description

The main goal of the course is to help a participant to think about the problems of road traffic and to realize a danger to which he is exposed when driving a motor vehicle. Together with the lecturers, the participants think about how to adapt their behavior in road traffic in order to avoid critical situations as much as possible.

Defensive driving does not rely on all drivers driving safely. We assume the possibility of road traffic rules violation by other participants. We monitor their behavior, evaluate the overall situation and anticipate. Therefore, we solve potential collision situations before they arise. Using right driving technique, we prevent the occurrence of dangerous situations and we avert them.

The participants will experience an interactive form of the course using modern computer and projection technology.

Theoretical part

It takes place in the form of interpretation and discussion. The goal is to lead participants to think about road traffic problems and to realize the dangers associated with driving a motor vehicle. The most frequent dangerous situations that lead to traffic accidents are presented in real cases. Above all, the possibility of predicting their occurrence and also the possibility of solving them are evaluated.

The most important to understand is:

  1. The difference between safe and defensive driving
  2. Negative factors affecting drivers
  3. Preparation of vehicle and driver before driving
  4. The most common causes of traffic accidents
  5. Reaction time of a driver
  6. Monitoring the situation in road traffic
  7. Driving causing collisions
  8. Driving in low-visibility conditions
  9. Driving on a slippery surface
  10. Keeping a safe distance
  11. Overtaking vehicles
  12. Early prediction
  13. Using vehicle safety systems while driving
  14. Preventing traffic accidents
  15. Consequences of a possible traffic accident


The practical part takes place in the vehicle during normal traffic, mainly in the form of a discussion. Selected causes of traffic accidents are analyzed while driving and it is pointed out how they can be prevented. A participant is under the constant supervision of our instructor, who observes his habits and driving style and analyzes together with a driver the possible consequences resulting from his driving. The goal is to explain a participant possible consequences of driving his vehicle incorrectly and to learn the methods of defensive driving when driving around a corner, when overtaking a vehicle, avoiding a vehicle, emergency braking, when crossing an intersection, when driving in the city, outside of it and so on. Our instructor also gives feedback to a participant on his positive and negative habits and at the end, after the practical part, he gives a participant an overall assessment and recommendation for further practice.

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