The circuit racing course is focused on mastering the correct driving technique and improving the driving skills of the driver, not only on the racing circuit, but also in normal traffic. Many drivers struggle all their lives with their own bad habits from everyday driving. Here we will teach them what they are doing wrong and how to get rid of bad habits. These include, for example, wrong sitting behind the wheel, inproper handling of the accelerator and brake, incorrect timing of shifting, incorrect holding of the steering wheel, or incorrect entrances and exits from corners and, of course, much more. However, all this can affect not only the flow of traffic, but also its safety.

The safety factor is the most importance to us. Therefore, safety training is an important part of the course so that nothing surprises when driving on the track. You get the basic information of track marshals signalization, safe overtaking etc.

At the same time, you will get familiar with the SLOVAKIA RING circuit and we will explain the characteristics of individual bends and sections.

Who is the course designed for?

The circuit racing course is designed:

  • for everyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills in driving to the limit of their own possibilities, as well as the possibilities of the vehicle.
  • for anyone who wants to learn more about driving technique, under the supervision of an experienced instructor
  • for anyone who wants to drive more confidently in normal traffic
  • for anyone who wants to know how his car behaves at the limit
  • for anyone who wants to learn how professionals ride on a race track

Course objective

Our goal is to teach you to control your vehicle at high speed safely, under the supervision of a professional instructor. We also offer:

  • bringing the technique of sports driving closer to the general public
  • gaining more safety behind the wheel in normal traffic
  • adrenaline driving experience in safe conditions - out of normal traffic
  • eliminating bad habits from everyday driving

You will also understand and master:

  • optimal seating and correct grip/handling of the steering wheel
  • an ideal track line
  • driving technique and style
  • driver's view
  • anticipation and correct reactions

Course content

  • safety training, circuit driving regulations, flag signals
  • seating and holding the steering wheel
  • braking technique
  • vehicle driving dynamics
  • driving on ideal track line
  • circuit presentation and curve characteristics
  • sight work
  • handling of crisis situations

Course duration

The course takes place during free rides for the public.

The total length of the course is approx. 180 minutes, which are divided as follows:

  • 60 min theoretical preparation (basic training related to safe driving on the circuit, as well as advanced training in driving technique)
  • 15 min inspection and preparation of the vehicle
  • 30 min ride with an instructor (15 min observation in the vehicle, 15 min active instruction directly on the track)
  • 30 min break, where we will discuss your driving style and possibilities for improvement in more detail
  • 30 min ride with an instructor (ride with active instruction - twice a race taxi, where the instructor will take you along the track (optional)

At the end, we will compare your best times from the first and second driving session.

The price of this course is 250€ and includes:

  • mandatory safety briefing
  • transponder rental with laps statistic
  • helmet and balaclava
  • instructor supervision
  • entry to the circuit for rides

The price does not include:

  • car rental

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