Why should I complete the training?

Because driving on the track is much different from ordinary driving in traffic. Special rules apply on the race track and the goal of this training is to familiarise you with these rules, as well as the flagging system, the track itself, its curves and turns and the different handling of specially modified vehicles we offer.

Do I have to sign up for training in advance?

Yes, you must sign up for training by calling +421 917 544 227 in advance. Scheduled training sessions can be found online in the Calendar section of our website. Training is only conducted on days with scheduled open track sessions.

What will I learn at training?

Training specifically focuses on the safety rules that must be followed when driving on the track, our flagging system, the function performed by track marshals, how to respond in different situations that may occur during driving as well as the basics of controlling your vehicle to best make use of the entire track.

Do passengers have to complete the training?

A passenger does not have to complete the training, so long as he or she doesn't decide to drive the vehicle at a later time. A waiver must be completed in the Agency Room, i.e. the registration area, and signed by the passenger; additionally the passenger must have a helmet and must wear their seatbelt at all times. Passengers are only allowed in cars; no passengers are allowed on motorcycles.