Hotel Ring takes its gastronomy seriously and on a level worthy of this international racing circuit. We take pride in working with domestic suppliers - local farms, organic growers, organic meat, cheese or vegetables. We build on the uniqueness of these products, where we can ensure the required quality as well as proof of Slovak origin. Our chef Janák Szabocs has extensive experience in top British restaurants and in Slovakia. This is also demonstrated by the professional selection and preparation of meat. All this gives our kitchen a unique character and great taste.

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The history of our cheese supplier goes back to the ages of our ancestors, who bred sheep, cows and prepared cheese and traditional cheese products. The next generation carried on the tradition and established this company in the picturesque village of Zázrivá in 1993. At first they bred sheep and cows themselves. From their milk they produced cheese strips, later cheese "soldiers", hearts or animals such as rooster, sheep, deer. At first they sold them in front of churches on Sunday masses and village fairs. Gradually, they also penetrated shops and hotels. In 2003 they changed the name to Syrex. They focus exclusively on the production, quality, modernization and sales of these products. Nowadays the company employs about 30 people, produces 50 kinds of dairy products and has a network of dealers all over Slovakia and Czechia. They supply fresh produce once to twice a week.

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"Cheerful tomato" directly from Slovak's "Rye Island"

The "Cheerful Tomato" grows in the southwest of Slovakia in the fertile region of "Zitny ostrov" or "Rye Island". It uses natural mechanisms - pollinated by bumble bees and protecting ladybirds and therefore does not need any "chemistry". The ecological approach is also underlined by the geothermal water heating the greenhouses. Tomatoes ripe on the bush to enhance their sweetness.

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Meat and the meat products

SVAMAN meat company was established in the town of Myjava, building on the tradition and craftsmanship of the butchers in the "Kopanice" region (western Slovakia). This supplier comes with the project “Matured Meat” in order to ensure the best quality matured meat from Slovakia. The meat thus comes exclusively from Slovak beef cattle. The maturation begins with the so-called "dry method", which lasts at least 30 days. It is then packaged and maturing continues by the so-called "wet method". The indisputable advantage of mature meat is that it is virtually impossible to spoil in the kitchen. By maturing, the meat gets rid of water, which intensifies its taste.

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Our honey comes from a local beekeeper, who has been producing it since his childhood. He inherited this passion from father and manages 70 bee families. This year he also started organising practical courses for beekeepers. He also built a small "honey-house" to have the right conditions not only for the processing of products, but also for practical demonstrations, which are part of the courses and corporate team buildings. There he also compares the functioning of the bee community with that of the working team. He also develops activities to educate children.

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Italian bakery

The long-term goal of our project is to support companies operating on the local "Zitny ostrov" market.

This suppliers help us ensure the highest quality of our services. One of them is the local Italian bakery with a wide selection, high quality and freshness of bakery products. The owner of the Italian bakery has been operating on the local market since 2003.

We keep the pace with the growing demand for quality through maximum freshness and expanding services and products. The aim is to preserve the domestic character, taste, quality of products as well as creating new jobs.