OMV MaxxMotion RALLY SLOVAKIA RING 2021 will open the rally season in Slovakia

Based on current Covid regulations for sports published by the Ministry of Education, the first event in the 2021 season on the SLOVAKIA RING circuit can take place on the planned date of March 20-21, 2021. In order to take part all participants must present valid a negative test of Covid-19 upon their arrival.

According to the currently valid regulations, the participants can also arrive to the destination with a negative test on Covid-19 and thus cross the individual districts as well as the borders with the surrounding states. Spectator in the event is excluded.

The first rally this season will start this year's Slovak Rally Championship 2021. On the tracks, which are located inside the SLOVAKIA RING complex and which were presented only for a few months, it will be "shared" no only by the participants of the Slovak Rally Championship, but also Historians and the Slovak Rally Cup. The participation of foreign crews is also expected, what will definitely dramatize the whole event.

Registration for the event is possible on the website, until 7.3.2021 with a discounted entry fee. The application deadline is 10.3.2021.