Re-opening of circuit premises

2.4.2021 - Good news for all fans of fast bikes, adrenaline, car or motorcycle courses - the area of ​​the racing circuit opens its gates to the general public, but so far with certain restrictions resulting from the currently valid regulations of the Government of the Slovak Republic.

Racing circuit and free rides AUTO / MOTO

Special days for the public are intended for those interested in riding on a racing circuit, whether on motorcycles or cars. You can find current dates in the Calendar. Thank you in advance for your patience when registering on site, it is necessary to submit a negative antigen/PCR test of Covid-19 and follow the instructions of the operating staff.

Safe driving center

The courses for CARS and MOTORBIKES are running again, just choose a date and register directly on the web Calendar. Instructions for the course will be sent directly to your email after registration.

Go-kart center

Go-kart rides and rental are in operation according to the current Calendar. Here, too, we thank you in advance for your patience and, possibly, the longer waiting times resulting from the current restrictions.

Military Museum

The military museum will be open from 1.5 every weekend from 11 am to 7 pm. You can also find current information here.

Malkia Park

The popular pet park is open from 20.4, every day except Monday. Current opening hours and information can be found at

Covid-19 regulations

We ask all visitors to strictly comply with the currently valid regulations of the Government of the Slovak Republic - especially by having a valid negative antigen / RT-PCR test for Covid-19 disease or confirmation of Covid-19 disease not older than 180 days or confirmation of vaccination with a second dose of vaccine. at least 14 days. Wearing a protective mask outdoors, a FFP2/FFP3 respirator in the interior, hand disinfection and keeping social distances remains valid in our country.

We reserve the right not to admit persons who do not comply with the above measures to the premises or exclude from premises when braking these rules.

Thank you for your loyalty, patience and we look forward to your visit again.