Can non-professionals drive the track?

Of course, the track is open to public during track days. Some days are reserved for cars, some for motorcycles only. The current dates are published in our web Calendar.

What are the Track Days?

Track days offer track sessions for general public and their own cars/motorbikes, or the circuit's own rental sports cars. Normally the sessions last about two evening hours and are split into shorter 30-min slots. Any car or motorbike is liable for track days, apart from professional racing machinery. Drivers and riders can rent transponders to record their lap times. Track days schedules are published in the web Calendar.

Do I have to wear a helmet in my car?

Wearing a helmet, balaclava and seat belt are the basic requirements for being allowed on the track. You can rent helmets and buy balaclavas from the Race Office - located on the ground floor of the Control Tower upon registration. You can also use your own accessories.

Does my insurance cover me when I drive on the track?

No standard vehicle insurance (liability or collision) covers you when you drive on the track. The rule of "you break it, you buy it" applies on the track (this applies for the driver's vehicle and any parts of the SLOVAKIA RING facility, such as guardrails).

Do I have to pay to access the grandstands on non-race days?

Access to the grandstands and other viewing areas is free-of-charge unless otherwise stated for a specific event.

What are the best lap times?
The best lap times for circuit configuration #4 are 2min 5s for motorcycles, 2min 10s for cars (Porsche GT3), 1min 54s for DTM, 1min 42s for GP2 and 1min 39s for a 2004-spec Formula 1 car.

What's the operating efficiency/permeability of the track?

A maximum of 43 cars during races, or 52 cars during practice (and track days) may be on track at one time. The same applies for 48 motorcycles during races or 57 during practice/track days.

Are any special apparels or accessories required?

Drivers/riders in open top vehicles and motorbikes are obliged to wear a full-face protection helmet. Properly fastened seat belts are also required at all times. No other special apparel is needed for track days. The clothing should not be too tight as to restrict the driver's movement. Footwear must be closed toe and lightweight with a flat sole. This regulations also apply to any front-seat passengers. A fireproof racing suit and underwear, gloves and shoes are recommended.

What is the track configuration during track days?
The longest track configuration is the standard choice for track days (5,922m – Configuration 4). Other configurations are used when a parallel event is organised or if certain track parts are under repair.

Can multiple drivers/riders per 1 car/bike use the same time slot during track days?
The ticket is valid for a single vehicle/driver and is not transferable. Meaning, it is impossible to purchase one ticket for a single vehicle and swap drivers/riders.

Can I have a front-seat passenger in the car?
A front-seat passenger is allowed, but he or she must have their own helmet and wear their safety belt at all times as stated in the front-seat passenger disclosure form. No passengers are allowed on motorcycles.

Is accommodation available at the circuit?

Hotel Ring*** provides accommodation and is located in the immediate vicinity of the SLOVAKIA RING circuit.

Is there a filling station at the circuit?

Yes, standard 95-octane and 99-octane evo petrol along with diesel fuel are available on-site in the SLOVAKIA RING paddock.

Is there a restaurant at the complex?

Of course, the Ring restaurant in paddock is open and accessible also from the outside. During the season it offers also daily lunch menu.

Can you provide catering?

Yes, and we offer professional service - from the simplest of meals to more exclusive requests.