All participants will be divided in 3 groups, each group ride takes 20 minutes.

Safety briefing

Safety briefing takes place outdoors at: 9:00h, 10:30h, 13:00h and 14:30h

We reserve right to change the group and schedule during the day as needed.


Daily ticket: 120 € with VAT, including transponder

20 min. ride 30 € with VAT

Box rental: 100 € with VAT, payment on the spot

General information

For our and your safety and especially to speed up the whole registration, we recommend that you buy a ticket in advance online. We accept also other valid gift vouchers issued in the past.

After the online purchase, you will receive the ticket / voucher by email, which you need to present together with the RACER CARD upon your arrival in the RACE OFFICE. Registration takes place from 7:30h, enter the office one by one. During registration, you will be assigned to a specific speed group and pick up the transponder.

Please use the entire paddock area for parking with sufficient distances from the others, do not crowd just in front of the tower. We kindly ask you to be disciplined, to obey all hygienic measures in accordance with the regulations of the Government of the Slovak Republic and to follow the instructions of the service personnel.

We apologize in advance for the possible extended registration time caused by these measures.

Photographers are allowed to enter the service track - please register in RACE OFFICE upon your arrival.

Covid-19 regulation

In accordance with the currently valid pandemic regulations of the Government of the Slovak Republic, the participants are obliged to:

  • present a currently valid antigen / RT-PCR negative test for Covid-19 disease upon entry
  • Outdoor - wear a protective mask, when keeping a distance of min. 5m protective mask is not necessary
  • Indoor - wear a FFP2/FFP3 respirator
  • Keep a social distance of at least 2 meters
  • Handshake is prohibited
  • Disinfect your hands regularly

Online purchase

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