Come and sample our 5,922-m long racing tarmac!

  • First ride: 9:00
  • Last ride: 17:40
  • Groups A,B,C
  • Tickets in RACE OFFICE
  • Price: 120 € (8x20 min.) transponder included

Timetable and groups can be changed by the event organizer.

For your own safety:

  • Every motorcycle must hide the headlights with a non-transparent duct tape and must remove the rear-view mirrors.
  • Every rider must wear flawless bike overalls with protectors and a crash helmet. Don't forget the compulsory equipment of both rider and bike. All the requirements you will find also inside the Operating Terms and Conditions.
  • You can use an onboard camera mounted only on the bike. It is strictly forbidden to wear a camera on the crash helmet or anywhere on rider's body.
  • You have to attend a compulsory safety briefing before your very first ride.


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