Safety and track rules training must be completed in order to increase your safety when driving the track. This obligation applies anytime you drive your own car or motorcycle on the track as well as for the cars we rent to you.

Driving on the track is much different form ordinary driving in traffic. Special rules apply on the race track and the goal of this training is to familiarise you with these rules. You can complete the training during open track days for cars and motorcycles based on the calendar.

Training during full-day open track sessions can be completed at 9:00 AM or 13:00 PM. Training during night-time open sessions time may be completed at 5:00 PM. Training is competed before the open track session begins at the SLOVAKIA RING complex and takes around 15 minutes. Training is provided in Slovak, Hungarian, English and German.
SLOVAKIA RING AGENCY, s.r.o. reserves the right to change these times.

We kindly request you arrive for training in a timely manner.

Training is a one-off event and once you have completed it, you will receive a RACER CARD that gives you access to the track and is valid for any future visits to the track.

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