Love the BMW? Then try this race circuit car with exceptional handling and fun to drive. There is no instructor aside, just you, the car and the race track. Enjoy.

Technical specification

004 dashboard
Max. speed and acceleration

225 km/h, 0-100 km/h: 5s

003 gearbox

5-speed manual


147 W / 200 hp

Iconfinder engine 172463 copy

R6 petrol 2500 cm3

Rental conditions

6 laps on variant 3 of the race track (2632 m)
249€ with VAT
20 min ride on variant 4 of the race track (5922 m)
449€ with VAT

You ride alone without an instructor, on semislicks.

With our BMW E46 you can ride on the racetrack on variant 3 of the track (2632 m) or variant 4 (5922 m).

Before the ride, each driver receives basic safety briefing with the rules of driving on the circuit, driving style and vehicle control.

The price includes equipment for the rider / helmet, balaclava /.


- Before the ride you pay a cash deposit of 1000 €, it is returned immediately after the ride without damage

- Presentation of a valid group B driving license

- Age at least 18 years

- Signing the Contract and the Declaration form of the event participant