The popular 24-hour cycling race on the SLOVAKIA RING circuit, scheduled for June 24, responds to the latest developments and regulations of the Slovak government and is changing its format. The total time of the cycling marathon is 6 hours, the total number of participants is reduced, and some services will also be limited.

The date of the new 6-hour cyclomarathon is planned for June 25, starting with a mass start at 10:00 am, the last lap and the finish will be at 4:00 pm. The total number of participants will be reduced, individuals, pairs and a maximum of four-member teams can take part in the race, this time the 6 and 8-member teams are limited. The 6-hour cyclomarathon is open to everyone - amateurs, professionals, men and women.

Registration starts on 1.6.2020, the maximum number of participants is 200, after completion the registration will be closed. All capacities of SLOVAKIA RING are available, including the possibility of renting boxes, the RING RESTAURANT will be ready to offer meals.

Event date:

Start: 25.6.2020 at 10.00

Finish: 25.6.2020 at 16.00

Link for registration of competitors and payment:

Each participant will receive all detailed instructions when registering on the site. There are 16 boxes and 3 VIP boxes for rent / the price of one box is 50 Eur. Each box is equipped with an LCD screen, sitting area, 380 V and 240 V. Meals are available in the RING RESTAURANT, it is individual and at your own expense at a discounted price.

Entry fee

Entry fee
Team of one
20,00 €
Team of two
30,00 €
Team of four
55,00 €
Box (garage)
50,00 €

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