Maybe you own a scooter for longer time, or maybe you just bought one. This class is made for both. Try the critical braking, sudden obstacle avoidance, or safe cornering. Don't underestimate your safety - even a small mistake in heavy traffic can result in serious problems or life-long traumas.


We created this class for 125cc scooters based on amendments to the Road Traffic Act 8/2009 Codex (Slovak Republic laws), valid from May 1st 2013. Simply put - this law allows the holders of the driving license type B to ride 125cc scooters without clutch (most basic scooters) after the first two years of receiving the license.


You should arrive with your own scooter and test its handling, under the supervision of experienced instructors who can show you borderline situations. Thanks to our optical measuring technology, you will find out what the exact stopping distance is at different speeds. You also train tilt that is a critical point for most riders. You will learn to look correctly and be relaxed while riding.

The theoretical part is conducted in the form of mutual discussion so that you as participants are actively involved and your opinions seek the right solutions. The instructor gradually goes through different topics such as:

• proper sitting and weight transfer

• stability on the motorcycle

• gas and brake control technique

• viewing technique

• tilt perception

• emergency braking

At the end of the practice the entire group will move back to the classroom, where each participant will express their views on the benefits of the experience gained in practice. The instructor shows the potential for improvement and recommends how they can further develop their practice.

So do not hesitate and improve with us before the crisis finds you!


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