The Auto Racing course is focused on mastering the correct driving technique and improving the driver's driving skills, not only on the race track, but also in normal traffic. Many drivers struggle all their lives with their own bad habits from everyday driving. Here we will teach them what they are doing wrong and how to get rid of bad habits. These include, for example, poor sitting behind the wheel, chaotic handling of the accelerator and brake, incorrect timing of shifting, incorrect holding of the steering wheel, or incorrect entrances and exits from corners and, of course, much more. However, all this can affect not only the flow of traffic, but also its safety. Proper handling of all these factors and their synchronization are actually the basis of every racer, but also the driver in normal traffic.

The safety factor is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, safety training is an important part of the course so that nothing surprises you on the track. We will explain to you the signals of track marshals, or safe overtaking, resp. launching faster cars.

If you want to know the limits of your car and want to improve by driving your own car, this option is just for you!

Who is the course designed for?

The course is dedicated:

  • for everyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills in driving to the limit of their own possibilities, as well as the possibilities of the vehicle.
  • for anyone who wants to learn more about driving technique, under the supervision of an experienced instructor
  • for anyone who wants to drive more confidently in normal traffic
  • for anyone who wants to know how his/her car behaves at the limit
  • for anyone who wants to learn how professionals ride on a race track
  • for the curious public

Course content

STEP # 1

90 min theory - Basics of fast driving, ideal track and safety. During the theory we will explain the elements of safe and racing driving such as working with vision, braking point, acceleration and the ideal track on the Slovakia Ring

STEP # 2

3x30 min at Safe Driving Center (Modules 1, 3 and 4)

In the first 30 minutes of driving at the CBJ training ground, start on the M1 slalom module. In the second 30 minutes of driving at the Safe Driving Center ground, riding on the circle module exerts a lateral force in the curve to handle the understeer skid. In the third 30 minutes of driving at the CBJ training ground, driving on a tear-off platform, the correct reaction to an overturning skid.

STEP # 3

20 min theory - Safety training before driving on the circuit

After the rides at the Safe Driving Center, we will go through the mandatory safety training before driving on the race track.

STEP # 4

20 min drive on circuit I. - You behind the wheel, the instructor next door

Rides on the race track during free rides for the public. The instructor sits in the car during the whole ride, watching the correct work with a view, the braking point, the correct acceleration when exiting the corners.

STEP # 5

10 min driving analysis on circuit I.

During a short rest after the end of the ride on circuit I. The instructor will start a short analysis of the ride and add recommendations before the next ride.

STEP # 6

20 min ride on circuit II. - You behind the wheel, the instructor next door

The second ride on the circuit already presupposes an improvement in the driving abilities and skills of the driver in the circuit.


30 min final analysis - Summary and recommendations

At the end of the course there will be an analysis and overall evaluation of rides on the circuit. The instructor evaluates the overall course of the course, adds recommendations for further improvement.

The price of the course is 250€ and includes:

  • Theoretical preparation
  • Practical rides on the polygons of the Safe Driving Center
  • Circuit safety training
  • Entrance to the race circuit - 40 min.
  • Helmet and balaclava
  • Instructor supervision




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Leonard Hrobárek
Sales & Event Manager